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At Royal Electronics Sales & Services, we excel as setting up labs for education and training purposes. For the last decade, this has been our focus and forte and we strive to stay ahead of the curve to bring the best, most advanced and innovative solutions and equipment for our clients.

Our Expertise

Despite not being part of any syllabus, COE can give an edge to a University. With the rapidly changing world, COEs have become an important part of academics. Not just limited to education, industries have also started to invest in COEs to achieve optimum output across their operations.
At Royal, we help you create COE that prepares students to work at high-end industries through future-ready equipment and technology. We offer training to students, as well as their trainers and industrial professionals to operate the COE at its maximum efficiency.

Our Process

Steps that help us go the extra mile
  • 01

    Need Analysis Meeting

    The first step is to understand client requirements, followed by tender submission, order approval and budget allocation.

  • 02

    Research For Advance Solutions

    Our expert team works with vendors and manufacturers to find the most advanced, innovative and optimal equipment and solutions with optimal prices.

  • 03

    Order & Quality Checks

    We place the orders and equipment is received at our premise where testing and inspection in terms of specifications and quality is carried out.

  • 04

    Delivery & Installation

    All equipment that pass our QC process is delivered to the client and we also take care of, or assist in the installation process.

  • 05


    Training is planned and conducted for the staff, faculty and to help facilitate the proper running and functioning of the lab.

  • 06

    After Sales Service

    Our after sales services include retraining when needed, repairs within and after warranty and assistance on need basis.

Connect with us to set up future-ready labs
to help your students excel and become job-ready.
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